Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a family member who has dementia and who is getting worse despite treatment with Aricept® and Namenda®. How can I find out more?

APlease call the INR at (310) 824-6199 for additional information. The staff will direct you through your different options. You may also request a consultation through our online consultation request form.

Q: Is the patented local etanercept treatment developed by the INR available for my family member?

A: The patented INR anti-TNF treatment methods utilizing etanercept are currently available at the INR for new and continuing patients. Determination of candidacy for treatment for any given patient requires review of that patient’s medical history and individual medical evaluation by an INR physician.

Q: How does one arrange to have INR treatment considered?

A: Prior to treatment the prospective patient must be evaluated at the INR. For patients coming from overseas, or from other states, potential candidacy for treatment can be determined by telephone consultation with an INR physician with review of the patient’s medical history and medical records. Please call the INR to arrange this consultation at (310) 824-6199. Patients who do not have contraindications for treatment (such as active tuberculosis, immunosuppression, etc.) can be scheduled for in-office evaluation.

Q: How does treatment work?

A: An INR physician will utilize a patented method to deliver a dose of etanercept locally to the patient. Etanercept is a therapeutic that neutralizes a molecule, called TNF, that initiates and amplifies the inflammatory response. Excess TNF in the fluid surrounding the brain has been demonstrated in Alzheimer’s disease. For Alzheimer’s disease, etanercept is being used off-label. There are dozens of reported off-label uses for etanercept, including the use of perispinal etanercept for sciatica; this is an additional patented invention of the INR. Please note that this is an emerging new off-label use of etanercept. Even though the published, pilot clinical results are favorable, not all patients will respond and results can vary. Please see the complete disclaimer on the Terms of Use webpage.

Q: When can treatment begin?

A: Appointments for new patients are currently being accepted at all of the INR offices.

Q: How can I find out more?

A: Please call the INR at (310) 824-6199 for additional information. Please see the following scientific references: